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A Piece: Of My Life

A piece: of looking for shrooms

  • Brandon: Would you like to get shrooms from a girl, with dreadlocks
  • Me: -- Dreadlocks.
  • Brandon: Or from a girl who is from Portland?
  • Me: Isn't that the same thing?

I’m mildly obsessed with how my boyfriend’s voice sounds over the telephone. 

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. Robert Frost (via spacemen-3)

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Last night I had the urge to write something I knew about

but then my face feel deeper into my pillow 

and it was all a dream. 

I hope at my next job I get a discount, or something. 

I wish I had an extra $500 to get a Bernina sewing machine. 

I’m back in Eugene, for the time being. My sister has left me the job of cleaning her apartment and turning in her keys at the end of July in exchange for letting me stay there essentially rent free (I have to pay for Internet and electric). 

I just took five minutes out of my day to sew together the couch cushion that came apart at the seam. She and her roommate had been using miscellaneous pillows to fill in the hole which was precisely 1/3rd of the entire couch.

Then I removed what looked like throw up on the other side of the same cushion with laundry detergent, another five minutes. 

How long it has been like that, I have no idea. 

How long it took me to fix the problem, 10 minutes.